Ford Model-T revolutionized the automobile industry in 1908.  By 1918, half of all the cars in the US were Model T’s. However, the car’s production was stopped in 1927. Today, you cannot introduce a Ford Model T again as the automobiles market is flooded with better choices bearing more value for money. The simple answer to this change is innovation.

In wholesale voice, routing plays a key role in traffic termination. If you run a wholesale voice network where there are no originating and terminating traffic, the problem could be either in your network or in your supplier’s network. The routing mechanism deployed will be the key deciding factor on how the traffic gets routed.

Some of the routing mechanisms available are

-      Static routing – Here no routing changes are made, the routing is hard wired and traffic from a customer is routed in a specific manner with no changes

-      Dynamic routing – Here routing changes are made to accommodate the changes in network conditions. This can be further broken down into

-  Simple Equation Based – Here the input parameters are converted into a unique output value. This value is used to compare the choices available and the best value is used for call routing purpose. The advantage of such a model is that you have established a platform to compare all your choices. The disadvantage is that not all input parameters can be precisely converted into an output value.

-  Linear Programming - This method is advanced compared to the previous one. Here, we try to get the best fit outcome possible for a given situation. This model incorporates the constraints to be taken into consideration to decide an outcome. The advantage of this model is that the output is far more realistic compared to the previous model. The disadvantage is that the result is valid only for a moment as the constraints might be dynamic.

-  Other techniques include Integer programming, Quadratic programming, Nonlinear programming, Stochastic programming, Robust programming, Combinatorial optimization, Infinite-dimensional optimization, Heuristic algorithms, metaheuristics, Constraint satisfaction, Constraint programming, Disjunctive programming, Calculus of variations, Optimal control, Dynamic programming, Bellman equation, Mathematical programming with equilibrium constraints. You may explore Wikipedia to explore these routing in detail.

Innovative routing @ Scaffnet

Scaffnet uses an innovative routing mechanism which cannot be disclosed in this site. The routing mechanism is quite advanced in nature and has indicated results which are far better than most of the methods indicated above. Scaffnet’s routing mechanism is not mere supplier selection but adapting with the customer’s traffic pattern to understand the requirements and deliver customer expectation.

Scaffnet is using innovation to solve routing issues. Welcome to the new perspective of Telecommunications!!!