The wholesale voice market and it's players have evolved to a great extend in the last decade compared to the previous 4 decades. The market has liberalized in many countries and there have been more new players entering into the market each year.

This brings in the good problem of supplier selection and the important role it plays in serving the customers. 10 years back, if you wish to terminate traffic into India, it has to be through VSNL only. Today, you have 24 licensed ILD operators to terminate traffic into India (Source: Department of telecommunications, Govt. of India. List of ILD Operators as on July, 2009). Not all operators might be providing the best quality and the right opportunity. Not all networks are built the same. So, it becomes eminent that the supplier's network comes with its own threats and opportunities.


Assessing Networks using Scaffnet

Using opportunities and avoiding threats eliminates loss of revenue. The loss could be due to false charging, noisy line, incorrect numbering plan or loss of customer goodwill. Scaffnet deploys a superior supplier grading technique and innovative routing mechanism where the suppliers are matched to meet your expectation. The supplier could be the incumbant, a new player or a specialist operator capable of handling the traffic to a specific destination but Scaffnet will ensure that your customer's expectation are adhered to. Since the quality of network is dynamic in nature, Scaffnet ensures that the rules and logic applied are constantly adaptive to the changing networks.

Scaffnet assesses network to get the best of services at competitive rates. Welcome to the new perspective of Telecommunications!!!