Welcome to Scaffnet's Customer Home, A one stop solution for
Account Management (For Account Admin, normally a sales personnel from your Org.)
  • Add / Manage Users
  • Manage User Privileges
  • Manage Company Details
  • Manage your Information / Password
Billing Management
  • View Current Credit Limit
  • View / Download Past Invoices
  • View / Download Active/Past Rate sheets
  • View Payment Options
Numbering Plan (NP) Analysis and Download Tool
  • Number Analysis Tool
  • Download NP
  • Upload NP
Performance Reporting and Report Download Tool
  • View Performance Charts
  • Download Performance Reports
  • Drill down Performance Reports
Trouble Ticketing (TT) Tool
  • Open new TT
  • Escalate a TT
  • View TT transactions
  • View Company Tickets
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