Communication means interchange of thoughts, messages, opinions or information. Communication depends on a lot of factors including the environment, medium of communications, behaviour of the individuals, tone used and the commonality shared between the sender and receiver. In general, the communication process is considered complete once the receiver has understood the sender.

In telecommunications, the network plays a major role in substituing a lot of these factors. If the medium is crystal clear, void of any echo, noise and other hindering factors, we can provide a lucid platform for communications. There is an emotional quotient involved in every call that a customer makes through the network. The medium decides on how longer the sender wishes to engage with the receiver in the communication process. This is relatively acknowledged in the industry and the industry measures this Quality of Service factor using a parameter called ACD / ALOC (Average conversation Duration / Average length of conversation).

Communicating Emotions using Scaffnet

Scaffnet tends to give more importance to the parameters used for voice medium measurements. Scaffnet tries to ensure that for every call that passes through our Network, we provide the best medium available to help our users benefit. This process does not come simple. While ACD measures the duration of communications (the effect), Scaffnet measures quality parameters (the causes) viz.

R-factor on source leg / destination leg 
Packet Drop Count / Packet Drop % on source leg / destination leg 
Error Packet Count / Error Packet % on source leg / destination leg 
Latency on source leg / destination leg 
Packet Delay Variance (PDV) on source leg / destination leg 

and uses an innovative call routing mechanism to select the best medium. The thresholds work every quality parameter listed above to match your customer's expectation. The quality parameters used in Scaffnet for rotuing decision making are in addition to the standard sampling ratios like ASR%, ABR%, NER% etc used in the industry.

Scaffnet measures performance in time spent by your customer using the network. Welcome to the new perspective of Telecommunications!!!