If you had seen a new building under construction, you would have definitely noticed scaffolds. Scaffolds are simple structures which take on any shape and provides adequate support for the building to come into existence.
This scaffolding networks is not a construction but a telecom company. Scaffolding Networks or Scaffnet for you is a simple telecom company that provide services to your demand. We are simple, structured and flexible enough to take on any shapes and size. But, please do not underestimate the power of Scaffnet. We are highly disciplined and structured to scale any height and thus solve your problem at the very shortest of time...We see ourselves in the same light of how a scaffolding helps bring up a building.

For you, we will be a simple, fast, adaptive and scalable supplier but within us, we see ourselves as highly disciplined intellects who understand the very reason for our existence.
We have come into existence so that you can build your network in the way you want!!!

Please watch out for more to come.....